Wasted (Fissa) tells the hilarious story of three highshool friends who need each other in order to graduate, get the girl they want and save their graduation party. Quickly labeled by the press as the Dutch version Project-X it contains leading roles by Yannick van de Velde (In Oranje, Brief voor de koning) en Alex Hendrickx (App, Achtstegroepers Huilen Niet) Bilal Wahib (Brugklas). Other roles by Anneke Blok, Arjan Ederveen, Nick Golterman, Abbey Hoes, Hans Kesting, Belinda van der Stoep, Harry Piekema and Miryanna van Reeden. What can possibly go wrong with this party...

When popular students Max & Youssef see their exams go up in smoke, they call in the help of über dorky nerd Ruben. In exchange they agree to help him organize the most insane graduation party ever. During a crazy night full of madness the guys learn more about each other then they could’ve ever hoped for.

Release 2016
Language Dutch
Genre Comedy
Distributor Just Film Distribution
Sales 2CFILM
Director Bobby Boermans
Screenplay Martijn Hillenius
Cast Alex Hendrickx, Yannick van de Velde, Bilal Wahib, Abbey Hoes, Arjan Ederveen, Anneke Blok, Hans Kesting, Harry Piekema.

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