Battle of the Hearts

Battle of the Hearts (Hartenstrijd) is the romantic comedy follow up to the Dutch Box-Office success Street of Heart Street. This time taking place in the Amsterdam hipster neighborhood “The Pijp”. Leading roles in this feelgood comedy are portrayed by Jennifer Hoffman (Dummie the Mummie, Dokter Tinus) Tibor Lukács (Homies, Divorce) Eva van de Wijdeven (A’dam – E.V.A, Borgman) Oscar Aerts (Homies, Soof 2) and Georgina Verbaan (Surprise, De Marathon). She never wanted another relationship. He never wanted another one-night-stand. And then they met...

When motorcycle police officer, Tina, is cheated on for the countless time by a man she had given her heart and soul to, she decides to start behaving like a man. From now on, she’s only going to ‘fuck for fun’. For the emotional side she has her best friend, Fleurtje, the most intimidating nursery school teacher ever. Meanwhile, uber womaniser, Sven, has just heard his father, Marcus, has died of a heart attack. Although he tells everyone Marcus died on the job, that is to say in bed with 24 year-old blond twins, the truth is Marcus died in complete loneliness. The thought of ending up like his father terrifies Sven. He decides to check out what it’s like to be in a relationship. Since Tina and Sven both live in De Pijp and hang out in the same cafés, it happens that they seek each other out for their respective ‘research’. This results in a completely different outcome than either of them had expected and loads of humorous situations.

Release 2016
Language Dutch
Genre Romantic Comedy
Distributor Independent Films
Sales 2CFILM
Director Janice Pierre
Screenplay Nienke Römer
Cast Jennifer Hoffman, Tibor Lukács, Eva van de Wijdeven, Oscar Aerts, Georgina Verbaan, Miro Kloosterman

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