Heart Street (Hartenstraat) is a sparkling romantic feelgood comedy that takes place in the cozy Nine Streets neighborhood in Amsterdam. In this little neighborhood in the Dutch capital everybody is in search of true love. With an all-star Dutch cast leading roles are portrayed by Bracha van Doesburgh (Moordvrouwen, Nieuwe Buren) Marwan Kenzari (The Mummy, Ben Hur) Georgina Verbaan (Surprise, Mannenharten), Tygo Gernandt (Van God Los, Brimstone) Jan Kooiman (Verliefd op Ibiza) and Susan Visser (Gooische Vrouwen).

The only person not (yet) looking for love is Daan. Together with his daughter Saar he lives in the Street of Hearts (an actual popular street in Amsterdam) where he owns a specialty food shop. When suddenly Kate appears on his doorstep. Kate, a fierce handsome female fashion designster decides to open up shop next to his. When a few hours before the openings-party the catering service cancels on Kate. She’s forced to call in the help of her neighbor Daan although they are eachothers complete opposites. When Kate accidentaly finds out her neighbor is also active on the online dating circuit, she sends him an anonymous message. In real life he can’t stand her, but online he’s overwhelmingly attracted to this 'Girl Next Door”.

Release 2014
Language Dutch
Genre Romantic Comedy
Distributor Just Film Distribution
Sales Starline Entertainment
Director Sanne Vogel
Screenplay Judith Goudsmit
Cast Bracha van Doesburgh, Marwan Kenzari, Georgina Verbaan, Tygo Gernandt, Jan Kooiman, Susan Visser

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