Jack's Wish

Jack’s Wish tells the compelling family story of Jack Oei (8) who’s biggest wish is to get a little brother. Leading roles are portrayed by Matsen Montsma, Yenthe Bos, Georgina Verbaan (Surprise, Hartenstraat) Jelka van Houten (Jackie, Mannenharten 2) Gijs Naber (Aanmodderfakker) Tygo Gernandt (Van God Los).

Awarded, Best Children’s Film, Stuttgart’s Children Film Festival 2016
Nominated, Audience Award Best Film, Nederlands Film Festival 2015

Jack (8) is an only child and a bit bored with his current family. He doesn’t like anymore being on his own. Jack begs his moms continuously for a little brother, but without any results. When his mothers buys him a rabbit to soften Jacks sorely missed brother, Jack is not amused and objects. By way of protest, Jack starts wearing rabbit ears day and night, which he will only take off when he gets what he wants: a brother! When Jack discovers that his two moms ordered him online, a whole new world opens for him. From then on Jack realizes he can actually order his little brother himself! This revelation results in a journey filled with wonderful encounters with some of the strangest characters, during which Jack discovers he is actually a pretty great company himself.

Release 2015
Language Dutch
Genre Family
Distributor Just Film Distribution
Sales Incredible Film
Director Anne de Clercq
Screenplay Anne Barnhoorn & Anne de Clercq
Cast Matsen Montsma, Yenthe Bos, Georgina Verbaan, Jelka van Houten, Gijs Naber, Tygo Gernandt

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