Oh Baby!
Songwriter Ruben (Gijs Naber) does not take life too seriously and love not at all. If, after the unexpected death of a free-range, he turns out to be the father of her eight-month son, his life is completely turned upside down. Without any preparation, Ruben takes care of baby Oscar overnight. As if that wasn't complicated enough yet, his loose-hearted new sister-in-law Lucy (Hanna van Vliet) decides that she too wants to take care of her nephew ... if necessary with Ruben there. Oh Baby is the first cinema film to which Thomas Acda as director directs his name. He also wrote some songs for the film.

Director Thomas Acda graduated from the Kleinkunstacademie in Amsterdam, where he met Paul de Munnik. After many joint musical projects, the two gave their very last concert in 2015 in a sold-out Carré. In addition to his music career, Acda was featured in various television series such as In for and against, Baantjer, All Stars series 1 & 2, Flikken Maastricht, Penoza, Jeuk! and this was the news. From 1997 he plays in a number of films, including All Stars & All Stars2: Old Stars, The Missing Link, Lek, De Scheepsjongens van Bontekoe, In Oranje, Wonderbroeders, Chez Nous, De Zevende Hemel and Alles is Liefde, for which he is a Rembrandt Award for Best Actor. In 2016 he made his directing debut with the Telefilm Fake.

Release 2017
Language Dutch
Genre Romantic Comedy
Distributor Entertainment One Benelux
Sales 2CFILM
Director Thomas Acda
Screenplay Nienke Römer
Cast Gijs Naber, Hanna van Vliet, Eric van Sauers, Renée Fokker, Liz Snoijink, Sanne Vogel

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